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For each tour there are only 50 tickets available, as we want to ensure the tranquility that the bears need. Once the tickets bought, you avoid the situation when you arrive in the sanctuary and cannot find tickets for the day and the hour you want.

The online tickets are only available for the classic tours. For the special tours (VIP/private/group of children/by train), please send a message to For further info about the available tours, please access the Visit the sanctuary section.

Children under five are not allowed in the sanctuary!

Train tour can be organized only if there are at least two paying adults!

To select the tickets you want, please fill in the gaps bellow, in order.


Visiting conditions

Before you visit the Sanctuary, please get informed regarding the visiting conditions.
The Sanctuary can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday. Every Monday, the Sanctuary is closed for maintenance reasons.
The Sanctuary is not a zoo! Please obey the visiting rules.
You may visit the Sanctuary only in the guided tours, between the working hours, for the comfort and welfare of the bears.
Children under 5 are not allowed in the sanctuary! Children between 5 and 18 are allowed only accompanied by adults.
A classical tour lasts about one hour.

Short description

Libearty is the largest brown bear sanctuary in the world.
We shelter here, at this moment, 100 bears.
The sanctuary has almost 70 hectares of forest and pools.

Information regarding tickets

Only 50 tickets are available for each tour.

Your online bought tickets will be sent to the e-mail address that you used when you purchased them. Please also check the “Spam“ folder. Please print them or save them on your phone, before you come to the sanctuary!

The tickets can be used only in the day and at the hour you bought them for. The paid price is non-refundable.