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The expences for the bears and the maintainance of the sanctuary exceed 70,000€/month.
You can also help in the care of the furry souls living at the world’s largest sanctuary, dedicated to brown bears.
It’s very simple to become a virtual parent!

Choose the bear you love the most, select the preferred adoption model and send us an e-mail to: with the following details:

  • – Name of the bear
  • – Name of the person/company you want to be shown on the adoption certificate
  • – The adoption date you want to be shown on the certificate

Regardless the type of adoption, after the one year donation is completed we will send you an online adoption certificate. You can print it and place it on your desk. Thus, a bear will become a member of your family!

Regular adoption

The minimum monthly amount for the regular adoption of a bear is 5 euros/month (60 euros/year), but we appreciate if you can donate more!

The same bear can be adopted by more people who want to contribute to his/her welfare.

Adopt the Bear:

Exclusive adoption

You can become an exclusive adopter, if you donate 600 euros/month, the expenses required for each bear per month.

The bear you will take care of will not be adopted by others for one year.

Adopt the Bear exclusively:

Did you know that:

– Bears can live in our sanctuary for over 40 years?
– It takes about two tons of food each day to satisfy the nearly 100 bears?
Your adoption helps us feed the bears, offer them medical treatment, maintain the forest and the pools? Moreover, that’s the only way we can save the bears that are still behind bars!

Visit the Sanctuary

Bears in the Libearty Sanctuary



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