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“LIBEARTY” – the largest animal welfare project in Europe

The story of the bear sanctuary begins in 2005, when the Millions of Friends Association signed a public-private partnership with the Town Hall of Zărneşti, through which they received a 49 years concession for the necessary land to build the “Libearty” sanctuary.

WAP (World Animal Protection) joined these efforts in the “Save the Captive Bear” Project – the largest project in Europe for the rescue, care and welfare of the brown bear.

Over 130 bears have been rescued from an abusive nightmare life, in tiny cages compared to the necessary space these animals need, being prisoners behind rusty bars and cement under their paws, instead of grass.

Until they arrived to the sanctuary, some of them didn’t even knew what it was like to climb a tree, to hide from the sun in the hot days, or to enjoy a deeper water for a bath. Many of them were kept in cages near restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, near cottages and gas stations, as tourist attractions. There have also been cases of someone’s “immeasurable love” who, instead of letting them live in their natural environment, preferred to keep them behind bars.

The Zărnești Bear Sanctuary has 69 hectares of oak forest, with trees where the bears can climb, swimming pools where they can splash, food according to their diets studied by the veterinarians and the necessary medical care.

You can also help to make these animals happy!

Make a virtual adoption of a bear, or a donation to support future missions of saving captive bears on the territory of Romania and beyond.

Saving a bear
The daily cost for a bear’s care
Treats for a bear for one day
Adopt a bear

Visitors’ opinion about us!

Today I have visited the sanctuary. What can I say…..? Can I find my words? Not really. Thank God I had sunglasses so I could cry without being considered a “weird”. I do not know which one Anca was. I do not know which one was Soni (Emil) … but I know they were there, happy. I saw an extraordinary place. I saw happy bears. I saw cubs bathing and their mother watching them carefully, I saw another mother teaching her cubs to walk along a log. I saw bears running. I happily followed their rules … in their woods. It was a privilege to look at them quietly and to be able to live their joy. From now on, their image will follow me for a long time. Bravo for the wonderful people who saved them. A place recommended for animal lovers. Not recommended for those who like the zoos or circuses.
Clenciu Simona, Facebook
If you want to go to relax in the nature, in a quiet place with some wonderful people and some very hard tried animals, the bear sanctuary is the perfect place!
Miruna Ioana, Facebook
My daughter visited the sanctuary and she was very pleased. She learned a lot from there. I hope to get there one day, too…
Dana Elencu, Facebook
A fairy tale land, a fabulous sanctuary that is the result of the involvement of wonderful people. Located near tourist attractions, also wonderful … Râșnov with the fortress and Dino Park, Moeciu, Fundata, and last but not least, Brașov. Sensational education lesson from small to high school children.
Adriano de Marco , Google
A place where it is worth going. Kind-hearted people, trying to help bears, tortured by our fellow men and doing it wholeheartedly. Each of us can help as little as possible this fantastic project. A wonderful day for all nature and bear lovers.
Cristian Ioniță, Google
A place where poor, tortured animals, which have been struggling for years in small cages or concrete pavilions, have finally received a better life. Some of them are still traumatized. Now, there are about 100 bears inside the sanctuary. On the sanctuary website you will find out their stories, the visiting schedule. Congratulations to those who struggle to maintain the sanctuary and strive to gather all bears held in bad conditions.
Dinu Veronica, Facebook