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The Libearty sanctuary does not receive any public funds!

In the public holidays during the week, the weekend prices are applied.

The access in the sanctuary with any kind of photo-video camera is charged extra, except the special tours for professional photographers.

For the film crews that want to record for documentaries, the price is 200 euros/hour.


It is forbidden to:

  1. Enter, leave the group and wander in the sanctuary without our guide.
  2. To get close to the electric fence.
  3. To climb or lean against the wooden fences.
  4. To feed the animals.
  5. Taking photos or recording without paying the special tax for this.
  6. Using flash lights for the photo/video camera.
  7. The use of any kind of food.
  8. Any kind of smoking.
  9. Throwing garbage anywhere but in the garbage cans.
  10. Acces with bulky baggage.
  11. Distroying the property.
  12. Entering in the areas restricted to the public.
  13. In case you break one of the rules mentioned above, you will have to leave the sanctuary and your access tickets will NOT be refunded.


  1. The sanctuary”s representatives reserve the right to refuse acces, for their safety and for the welfare of the bears.
  2. For security reasons, for the smooth running of the visits and for the welfare of the bears, children under 5 will not be allowed in the Libearty Bear Sanctuary. Please, be ready to present a document that certifies the age of your child/children.
  3. The access in the sanctuary is possible only during the schedule and only with the guides of the Millions of Friends Association.
  4. The representatives of the Millions of Friends Association have no responsibility for the things that you forget or lose in the sanctuary.
  5. For objective reasons, we have the right to change the schedule, with no prior announcement.
  6. For the updated schedule, please read the billboard at the entry in the sanctuary, or online, Visit the Sanctuary.
  7. Please read carefully our schedule and visiting rules!
  8. Students younger than 25 have to prove their status by presenting a relevant student card/document. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to start the tour with the stundets ticket and will not get a refund.
  9. Before you finish purchasing the online tickets, please check that all the data you enter is correct – the day and the hour of the visit. The system will not allow you to change these details and you will not have the right to complain about it!
  10. The price of the tickets is linked to the date and the hour of your visit, not to the moment of purchase.
  11. The prices of the tickets include VAT.
  12. In order to make online payments on our website, you will be asked the following data: the name of the owner of the card, the number of the card, the card security code and the expiry date. The online payment on our website is processed by EuPlatesc. For this you may use Visa or Mastercard cards. These data are processed according to the GDPR rules.
  13. You should fulfill any online transaction within 10 minutes from the moment you access the online payment platform. Otherwise, the transaction will be canceled.
  14. In the confirmation e-mail for a ticket/tickets aquisition you will receive details about your transaction and a unique code. Once you receive the confirmation, the price of the tickets can not be refunded.
    Print or save on your phone the ticket(s) that you will receive on the e-mail address you provided in the buying form, in order to be scanned when you enter the sanctuary.
    The Millions of Friends Association is not responsible in case the customer chose a wrong date/hour/ticket.
  15. The tickets are not refundable if you do not come on the day and at the hour you choose, or if you do not comply with one of the terms and conditions presented. If you can not take the tour because of our fault or because of some natural phenomena or an emergency situation that occurs in the sanctuary, we will give you a full refund of the tickets bought. If there is a situation of emergency at county or national level, we reserve the right to offer vouchers with a limited time limit for those who cannot benefit from the visit at the chosen time. In case you pay online, the refund will be done in the account that you’ll provide to us by sending an e-mail to office@millionsoffriends.org along with the copies of the tickets, in maximum 30 days after the day of the tour.
  16. We inform you that the sanctuary is under permanent video surveillance, for the safety of the visitors and of the animals.
  17. In case of fire, earthquake or any other emergency, please remain calm and follow the guidelines of our personnel.
  18. We inform you that The Millions of Friends Association own an electronic cash register for the tickets in the sanctuary and a separate one for souvenirs.
  19. People with disabilities will benefit from the issuance of a personalized ticket, which by its simple presentation, along with the identity card, will allow free access to the Libearty Sanctuary for people with disabilities, according to applicable laws, based on a copy of the disability certificate. Please note that the specifics of the forest road make wheelchair access difficult!
  20. The visitors that buy special tickets have to proof the status they bought the tickets for, before they start the tour. In case they can not, The Millions of Friends Association’s representatives will not allow them enter the sanctuary. This is a supplementary safety measure to protect the secure online aquisition of tickets.


As we want to keep you close to us and to share with you the joy of saving and protecting the animals, we invite you to stay with us. We resoect your private life, your data security and we obey the law regarding the protection of personal data.

Our policy regarding the protection of your personal data will be updated on our website, every time we consider it necessary, as we are 100% committed to protecting your privacy and personal data!


www.millionsoffriends.org collects data from its users in three ways: directly from the users, from the traffic reports registered by the hosting servers and by cookies.

The info directly given by the users: when you create an account to subscribe to our newsletter, on the www.millionsoffriends.org website, we ask for your name, e-mail address and your prefered. The data can be then revised.
Info from the traffic report on the server: when you visit a website, you reveal some info about you, such as your IP address, the hour of the visit, the place from where you accessed the website. www.millionsoffriends.org keeps these data for a determined period of time. We use external services to analyze the web traffic. www.millionsoffriends.org uses this info just for statistics. We never use the traffic data in order to identify people behind IP addresses.

Cookies: in order to offer you a personalized service, www.millionsoffriends.org uses cookies in order to facilitate the access to your account and the advantages that it offers.

Cookies are basically the data, which are stored in a small text files, on the user’s computer. As cookies are simply a plain text data record of these 5 variable-length fields:

  • domain – domain name of the website
  • path – path to the directory or web page
  • expires – date when the cookie will expire
  • secure – if this field contains the word “secure”, then the cookie only be retrieved with secure server, otherwise no such restrictions exists
  • name=value – cookies are set and then retrieved in the form of key/value pairs

Most of the browsers are set up to accept cookies. If you do not want this to happen, you may reset your browser, either to let you know every time you are served a cookie or to refuse cookies. Cookies allow us to save your access passwords and your preferences, thus you do not have to fill them in every time you visit our website.

If you do not want to allow our website to process any data obtained by cookies, you may set up your browser to delete them or to block them. Here is the way the most used browser allow you to do this:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


The personal data we collect about you, depending on the products or services you are interested in, can be:

  • First name and name;
  • Your address and the e-mail address.
  • Details about your transactions (purchased products or services produse, means of payment)
  • Your voice (when you call us) and your image (when you enter the sanctuary or the dog shelters)
  • The IP address, cookies, localzation data, the OS that you use;
  • Data regarding your health (the case of disabled people);
  • The password for Millions Of Friends;


We collect personal data directly from you when:

  • you send us a message using the contact form;
  • you buy or use our services and products;
  • you contact us by phone, e-mail or social media channels;
  • you subscribe to our newsletter, allerts or you consent to receive info about our services, promotions, campaigns or news that we prepared for you;
  • you published your personal data;

Your personal data are collected indirectly or automaticly when:

  • you are inside the Libearty sanctuary, in the camera surveillance;
  • you browse on the www.millionsoffriends.org website and agree our cookie use policy;
  • we presume what your preferences are regarding certain products or services, based on the way you use them and the browsing history and former aquisitions;
  • obtain info about the way you use our services and products;


We will use your personal data in order to:

1. Allow you buy services and products online, from the www.millionsoffriends.org website, on the basis of your consent.

In order to offer you the access to the online services and products of the Millions of Friends Association, we need to process the following personal data categories: Name, Surname, Postal Address/City, E-mail address, phone number.

2. To issue accounting documents, on the legal obligation of the Millions of Friends Association

When you buy tickets online in order to visit the Libearty sanctuary, we need the following personal data: Name, Surname, E-mail address, phone number. The same data is used for the reversal of a payment, when the tours are cancelled because of our fault, because of some natural phenomena or an emergency situation.

We will also use your e-mail address in order to send you the codes of the tickets you buy from the www.millionsoffriends.org website.

3. To give you access to the discounts or gratuity available for different categories of people, on a legal basis or according to an internal procedure.

The Millions of Friends Association offer discounts or gratuity for pupils, students, disabled people and their attendants, on a legal basis or according to the internal rules. Thus, in order to benefit from these advantages, we will process your data regarding your name, surname, email address and a phone number.

4. For direct marketing, personalized offers and notices the change of schedule, campaigns or news that we prepare for you, based on your consent.

If you become the online friend of the Millions of Friends Association and consent, we will keep you informed about the most recent animal rescue actions, fundraising campaigns, events and news.

In order to be permanently informed, we will process the following personal data: Name, Surname, E-mail address and phone number, according to your preferences.

Your consent about the processing of your data mentioned before can be withdrawn any time, with no effect on the legality of the processing activities before your withdrawal.

6. For the promoting actions of the services and products of the Millions of Friends Association, on the basis of its legitimate interests, the association can send you relevant data for you (based on your interests), so that it is possible to display targeted info, on the basis of using cookies, both on the www.millionsoffriends.org website and on other media channels, such as social media websites.

In its activity, The Millions of Friends Association do not use automatic data processing systems that can determine an automatic decision that might affect the rights or interests of its customers. We can use the personal data that you send us, in order to have a better communication.

8. In order to answer your questions about the services that you use – according to your consent

If you choose to contact the Millions of Friends Association (by phone, e-mail, social media or by filling in the online contact form on the website, in the Libearty sanctuary or the residence of the association), the data that you deliver (name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, image and the public data of your profile) will be only used to answer your questions, for your safety and for the animal’s welfare.

We will store your data as long as law demands. If there is no legal provision, we will store the data only as long as it is necessary.

9. In order to ensure the safety of the visitors and of the animals inside the Libearty sanctuary and the dog shelters, according to the legitimate interests of the Millions of Friends Association, we use a video surveillance system.

We will store those video images according to the legal obligations. If there is none, we will store them as long as we consider to be necessary.


In order to achieve the goals stated in the GDPR section, the Millions of Friends Association contracted service providers for hosting, platform and maintenance, in order to send e-mails, to contact by phone and for accounting services.


The Millions of Friends Association will storage your personal data as long as you are our customer, except the case when we have the legal obligation to storage the data in order to present them to authorities.

The personal data obtained by phone, SMS, messages through social media platforms and on the occasion of sending questions or complaints, are storaged for a resonable period of time, after our last interaction with you.


Your rights can be limited by law, in some certain cases (e.g.: you can choose not to receive info from us, anymore, but you will be able to ask the Millions of Friends Association to erase the data from the invoices we sent to you).

Such restrictions will be checked individualy and will be communicated to the client, accordingly.

1. The right to access your personal data

You have the right to ask and receive information regarding the personal data processing and a copy of them;

You may make a claim using the contact form on our website;

2. You have the right to ask us to correct the inaccurate data or to complete them

If the data that we detain about you should be updated or you consider them to be inaccurate, you can ask us in writing, to update it.

3. The right to ask us delete your personal data and, in case they were publicized, send the info about your request to other entities;

4. You have the right to ask us delete the personal data that we detain about you. Plese consider that the Millions of Friends Association may still have legal reasons to process your personal data.

In order to exercise this right, please send us an e-mal to office@millionsoffriends.org. If you do this, you will no longer be able to access the online services provided by us.

5. The right to restrict data processing

You may exercise this right, by sending a written request to office@millionsoffriends.org, in case you note any problem with the accuracy or legality of your personal data processing, but also in some other legal cases according to Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (EU GDPR);

6. The right to complain to a supervisory authority, in case you appreciate that processing your data is breaking the law; the competent authority in Romania is the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing – their contact is available on www.dataprotection.ro.

7. The right to object to the data processing

In some legal circumstances linked to your particular situation, you have the right to opose the processing of your personal data.

You may exercise this right, by sending a message to office@millionsoffriends.org.

8. The right to withdraw your consent regarding the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes

If you do not want to receive info messages from the Millions of Friends Association, regarding our services and products, you can choose not to receive any info, by sending a message to the address office@millionsoffriends.org.

The dismissal of your consent does not influence the legality of using data before the dismissal.


Our phone number is (+4)0268/471202. You can contact us by e-mail, at office@millionsoffriends.org. Also, you have the possibility to contact us directly, using our contact form here.


We do not ask and never store with a will the personal data of children under 16 years old, when we offer spefiic services. In case they are collected, the info are carefully processed and only with specific safety measures.


The data provided by our customers are strictly confidential. The Millions of Friends Association’s commitment in front of her customers is to never provide these data to third parties or companies and to use them strictly for the use related to the relationship between the association and its customers.

The Millions of Friends Association warrant that will comply with the rights granted by the Law No. 677/2001 on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Processing of Personal Data and the Free Movement of Such Data, by the Law No. 365/2002 on the electronic commerce and the GEO No 130/2000 on consumer protection, for making contracts at a distance, with the subsequent changes.

Your personal data can be used by the Millions of Friends Association to confirm the orders, to be informed via e-mail, post or other means of communication about the subsequent actions, statistics etc.

This site uses security safety measures against the loss, alteration or missuse of the information under our control. Your personal data could be sent to the authorities in order to verify the transactions, for any further check under law.

The Millions of Friends Association sign the pledge to comply with your rights granted by the Law No. 677/2001 and, at your request, sent to Brașov, Rovine street, nr.7, takes the responsibility to: rectify, update, block or delete, for free, the data that were not processed according to the Law No. 677/2001 on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Processing of Personal Data and the Free Movement of Such; to stop processing your personal data.

Thank you for understanding!

THE USE OF THE CONTENT FROM THE www.millionsoffriends.org WEBSITE

The www.millionsoffriends.org belongs to The Millions of Friends Association, based in Brasov, Str. Rovine, Nr.7, registered in the Registry for Associations and Fundations of the Brașov Tribunal and kept at the Brașov Law Court, 22/1997, represented by Cristina Lapis, as president, CUI RO10634510, which can be contacted by e-mail, at office@millionsoffriends.org.

Using the www.millionsoffriends.org website and/or any service that we provide means that you completely read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of use for this website.

www.millionsoffriends.org belongs to a Romanian NGO, therefore obeys the Romanian laws.

The Millions of Friends Association do not take any responsibility about the correctness of the data the users send and reserve the right to make any change on its website.

All the rights over the content belong to the Millions of Friends Association. Reproducing of any information or text can be done only by our agreement.

Once you register on our website, you give us the right to use the personal data you provide for our information campaigns.

The information available on this website offer details about the visiting schedule for the Libearty sanctuary, about our campaigns for the dog shelters in Brașov and Zărnești, about the future campaigns, about the actions for the protection of animals and other data in this field.

In order to access our website, the users do not have to register. Still, in order to take benefit of certain services (buy tickets, subscribe to our newsletter or sending messages using the contact form) the user has to register.


Acording to the Law No. 677/2001, the users who provided us their personal date have the right to access, intervene on the data, to not be subject of individual decisions and to oppose processing personal data and to ask these to be deleted. In order to exercise control on these data, plese send us a request to our office, or to office@millionsoffriends.org

The Millions of Friends Association reserve the right to change or improve this regulations, any time, with no prior notification.