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Victory is the first private dog shelter in Romania and the only one of this kind authorised in the Brasov county.
At the Victory dog shelter there are 77 outdoor enclosures, 44 quarantine and postoperative recovery enclosures and four heated rooms for moms with puppies. In these spaces we host approximately 400 animals.
Every year, almost 1.000 animals come through the Victory shelter. We also take care of other 350 dogs in the public shelter from Brașov and Zărnești, which are co-administered by AMP, on the basis of the protocols we signed with the representatives of the city halls of the two towns.
Approximately 700 dogs are adopted and leave, via the Millions of Friends Association.

The average monthly costs for feeding, treating and caring for the animals that come to the Victory dog shelter are about 25.000 euros. Everything is supported from the donations of our partners in Germany, UK and France and of the individuals who want to involve in the rescue of these souls.

We run a permanent and FREE campaign, so we neuter approximately 1.000 dogs and cats. Neutering the animals with owners is possible after you make an appointment in advance. We offer this medical service for FREE for the dogs and cats with owners from Brasov and Zarnesti.
According to the Romanian law, we are not allowed to take volunteers directly. Thus, everyone who wants to volunteer with us should do this via an authorized company. At this moment, we only accept volunteers through Oyster Worldwide, which takes responsibility for the way they act and obey the rules.
We offer for FREE: neutering, registering in RECS and vaccination of the dogs with owners and neutering for the cats with owners. All the other medical services are the responsibility of the owners who have to offer the necessary treatment in private veterinarian clinic.
When a stranger enters a dog shelter with many dogs, they become very nervous and there is a big risk that they start to fight. They do this because they want to draw attention, but it might end with tragedies for some of them. This is the reason for which there is a very strict schedule for the public.

The shelter is on the outskirts of Brașov, 20 Timis-Triaj street.