With over 125 paddocks,
Victory is a medium-sized center offering full services to both stray dogs and the community. The heart of this rescue center is veterinary practice, run by permanent veterinarians and a veterinary assistant.

The center hosts over 400 dogs per year and deals with their rescue, treatment, care and accommodation, finalising with the transportation and the adoption of some of them. Each year over 700 dogs are being adopted in Germany, England and France. The most frequent interventions are neutering (over 1000 / year) and the treatment of injured stray-dogs.

Sterilizations are performed with the support of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

Shelter facilities:

  • 1 veterinary clinic
  • 1 “nursery” for puppies
  • 3 walkway areas
  • 125 paddocks
     dogs hosted

Since 1999,
Victory is rescuing stray dogs

The Victory Dog Shelter, one of the first ones in Romania, has hosted, treated, fed and gave up for adoption over 25,000 dogs so far. With 125 paddocks that are housing over 400 dogs, Victory offers help to both stray dogs and the community.

Millions of Friends is the first association in Romania to set up a veterinary emergency number, to rescue stray animals. In Brasov, we collaborate with the unique emergency number 112, which redirects to us the calls regarding the animal rescues.

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Neuter your animal

Public services offered at Victory


With the support of local administrations and partner NGOs from abroad, AMP is permanently organizing sterilization campaigns in Brasov and in the surroundings.


The center has a veterinary clinic where a team of experienced veterinarians performs various surgical interventions, the most frequent ones being the neutering, over 1,000 / year.


The awareness of the problem of stray animals and the organization of events at the dog shelter, have led to an increased number of animals adopted locally.

Together we bring normality to society.
Get involved in our campaigns!

Through the campaigns we run, we aim to reduce the abandonment rate of animals, to avoid the breeding of stray dogs and to ensure the necessary conditions for the care and treatment of dogs in shelters. Your support is essential!

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The public dog shelter in Stupini

Since 2003, AMP has worked with the Brasov Municipality and in 2011 it signed a partnership with the Administration of the Public Dog Shelter of Brasov’s City Hall, in the Stupini neighborhood in the North of Braşov. It was then, when AMP has taken over the management of this municipal shelter. This meant the end of cruelty towards the dogs in this shelter and the useless euthanasia and also the beginning of promoting volunteering and adoptions.

The Public Shelter was cleaned up and 360 dogs were relocated to the AMP shelter. Starting 2013, the Public Shelter is co-administered by AMP and the local municipality. The veterinary services got improved, the paddocks were upgraded, and the number of neutering has increased exponentially. AMP has managed to stop useless euthanasia and to provide the necessary food, medicine, employees and volunteers.

The average number of dogs housed at the Stupini Public Shelter is between 250 and 300.

The shelter is located in Braşov in the neighbor called Stupini, on Merilor Street, no.6.