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Maya – the sad beginning of a huge project

1998. In the yard of a hotel near the Bran Castle, in a dirty cage with metal bars and cement floor, lived Maya. She was waiting and hoping for days for someone to bring her some food.

“When I first saw her she was week and could hardly raise her head. She was forgotten in her cage by everyone, and I still wonder today: was she expecting to die? I still remember the emotions that overwhelmed me when I looked into her eyes, but also the boundless anger access toward the people who condemned such an animal to a slow and painful death.

Since that moment, for four years, my husband and I, with the help of our friends, have traveled over 60 kilometers every day to feed Maya and spend some time with her. Throughout time, we managed to improve her health and cheer her up. Soon, she began to recognize the sound of our car and she would stand up to greet us. She taught us all the values of an innocent animal’s soul and gratitude.

Unfortunately, in 2001, after 3 more years, Maya began to show new signs of depression.

I was talking to her constantly, and I promised her that one day she would be free again to run freely in the woods, and I asked her to be patient, to wait. But it seems that Maya eventually lost faith in people’s promises.

She started to mutilate herself! She chewed her right paw almost to the bone. When I saw the blood on her paw, I understood she wanted to get rid of all this suffering caused by captivity. Despite all our efforts to save her (surgeries, medical treatments, time spent with her, proper food, etc.), Maya eventually left us – on March 11, 2002. She died in my arms. I will never forget her sad eyes and her soft fur. Yes, I held a bear in my arms!

After she left us, all I could do for Maya was to keep my promise – to build the Sanctuary that I promised, and to make sure that no other bear will ever go through what she has gone through.”

The “Libearty” Sanctuary is dedicated to Maya, who shines in the Great Bear constellation, to all the bears who are enjoying a happier fate today, because of the suffering she had to endure.

Maya’s DEATH actually meant the BIRTH of the “Libearty” Sanctuary.

Remember Maya! Help us to help the bears that are still alive!

Cristina Lapis – the president of „The Millions of Friends“ Association.

Remember Maya! Help us to help the surviving bears!

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