Brutally ejected from their natural home, held captive for many years, treated with cruelty in order to learn “tricks”, used as a source of immoral earnings by various owners of restaurants, hotels or circuses, the bears that arrived at AMP Libearty – Zărnești finally received their SECOND CHANCE to a normal life.

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20% of your attention!

Forward to the Millions Friends Association up to 20% of the profit-tax paid by your company.

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2% for animals

The state gives you the opportunity every year to redirect 2% of your income tax to a noble cause! It costs you nothing but for the animals, your money can buy LIFE!

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The Bear Farm

Selfish love is sometimes the worst form of cruelty! In Arad, an unknown number of bears are the belongings of an owner who is keeping them locked in a farm and says he loves them very much!

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Freedom for Baloo

Help us save Baloo! The poor bear is the mascot of the Straja resort since 2000. Step by step we hope to raise the awareness of the authorities and offer Baloo the right to FREEDOM.

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