Project Description

Brigitte is exclusively adopted by Total Energies Romania and is not available for adoption.


Brigitte was just 4 months old when she became the number 100 resident of the sanctuary, in spring 2018. The little bear arrived at Libearty after being found by a group of friends at picninc, on the edge of the forest.

People thought he was a dog begging for food. They spent most of the day with her and felt sorry to leave her there, alone, especially since her mom didn’t show up at all. So they took her home where they realized she was actually a… bear cub. They saved her from almost certain death, being way too small to survive in the forest alone. Without a mother, she would have been torn apart by other wild animals or starved to death.

The bear has the name of the famous actress Brigitte Bardot, a good friend of the bears since the Sanctuary opened.