Project Description

Tariku lived for seven years in the zoological park Onești together with his brothers Lucas and Koda. Alesha Dixon, the famous British singer who participated in the rescue action of the three tortured bears, agreed to become the spiritual parent of the beautiful bear. Tariku is an Australian name and means “he has a story to tell”. It’s also the name of a 4-year-old Tasmanian boy who inspired Alesha with his gesture.


The little boy’s father received a WSPA brochure about the bear sanctuary in Zărneşti and told his son about the tormented bears that find peace here. Marked by the sad stories, he started to pick some lemons from the tree in the yard, put a small table in the street and started selling the fruits. They also named this activity “Lemon-aid”.


After “balding” the lemon in the yard and selling all the fruits, he went from door to door with his father in search of these fruits. He collected almost 200 more lemons which he then sold at the local market. Tariku’s fundraiser was very successful. He raised $123 from the sale, and with donations from local stores, he reached a total of $294.