//Goodbye, Yogy!

Goodbye, Yogy!

He spent 30 years in a deplorable prison, without any guilt! 30 years of which he spent the first as a jester admired and applauded by the public while he was still shining, and the others – forgotten in a miserable, cramped cage with an eternally cold and wet concrete floor. When the last bit of sparkle faded from his eyes, his life finally changed!

It’s the story of Yogi, the bear too old from the Zoo in Sibiu, for whom the AMP Libearty Sanctuary became a home even though we didn’t know how many more days he would spend in the forest. Time was kind to him and allowed Yogy another 13 years to experience freedom and life as a wild animal as it should be! Today we say goodbye to Yogy, the veteran of the Bear Sanctuary, who thus became the second oldest brown bear in the world, according to our research.

During the 13 years spent in the Zărnești Sanctuary, Yogy amazed the world with his zest for life. In the summer he started to show signs of old age, he couldn’t move very well anymore and  was moved to a smaller pen, which allowed us to give him the necessary care and monitor him closely. His health deteriorated day by day, and lately he has been receiving more and more painkillers.

His suffering is over, and Yogy is now smiling at us from Ursa Major!

Goodbye, Yogy!


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