Project Description

Dandy was 5 months old, when the confiscation procedures begun. The “owner”, a circus man from a village called Pantelimon, didn’t wanted to give up on him as he “loved” the bear-cub too much. But the marks on Dandy’s body proved the contrary. The burns and cuts from his paws, his inadequate weight and his uncared fur showed he wasn’t shown too much affection at all.

Being so small and helpless, Dandy had no idea that he was getting prepared to be a famous full-time circus bear and a dancing bear in his free-time. The future didn’t look too bright for him. Training for the future shows was no fun for him. The only happiness for him was a piece of bread or maybe a candy after a hard day of work consisting in walking and “dancing” on hot coals or broken glasses.

In July 2009, Dandy met the forest for the first time in his life, at the Libearty sanctuary.

This bear is not available for adoption.