Project Description

Bamse is exclusively adopted by Climatico Romania and is not available for adoption.


End of May 2020: a mama bear and her three cubs enter the courtyard of a local in Hârseni, a village near Brașov. The mother was looking for food, and the naughty cubs climbed a tree. Unfortunately, the locals drove the mother away, and when the cubs came down they ran away in three different parts and never found each other again.

A day later, the 3-month-old cub arrived in the care of AMP Libearty in a small cage, one of the brothers was brought to us dead in a bag, and about the third, nothing was ever found.

The sanctuary team bottle-fed the little orphan until she grew old enough to eat alone. It was named Bamse, and now it enjoys the nature that the AMP Libearty sanctuary offers.