Project Description

Every night she was chased away with sticks, chased and scared with loud sounds, she even got beaten … all because she came to look for a piece of bread or something to quench her terrible hunger.

She came from the hills and entered the courtyards of people who frightened her terribly. It is the ordeal she went through for a month, in Subcetate – Harghita.

Before it was too late, Maxie arrived at the AMP Libearty sanctuary scared, weak, and dehydrated. We were shocked to see how small she is. It weighed only 70 kilograms, meaning the weight of a 1-year-old bear cub, not a 2-year-old adult bear!

Now, Maxie is playing freely in the AMP Libearty forest, she climbs trees curiously to see everything around, she socializes with the other bears. From now on she will never be hungry again!