Project Description

By the end of June 2014, Andi was a bear without a name. He’s the only bear that the Libearty team rescued not from the captivity, but from the wild. Although normally AMP doesn’t deal with bears from the wild, as that is the place where they really belong, this time we had to take this decision to rescue the two and half year old bear cub, from a certain death. Andi used to live in the southern part of Brașov, in Dâmbul Morii area.

He got used to coming down to the garbage disposal of a hostel built at the edge of the forest. After crashing a wedding, he showed up at a barbecue, then later entered the kitchen of the hostel and ran away with a bag of potatoes, and finally came to visit the locals in broad daylight. The people got scared and obtained an authorization of shooting the animal.