Project Description

Attila spent the first years of his life at a circus in Bârlad, where he met Fiona. He didn’t know at that moment that they will be friends forever. He was a stubborn bear cub therefore the circus decided to sell him to a zoo of Slatina.

There he met Marinică and later Fiona joined them. He was happy because he wasn’t alone but he was terrified by the conditions he was about to live in. Having Fiona’s pleasant company, the captivity didn’t seem so unbearable for Attila and with Marinică as his friend the time passed by and the freedom was close.

In November 2010, the 11 years old Attila together with Fiona joined Marinică at the “Libearty” Bear Sanctuary.

At the age of 21, aged by the sufferings he had to endure in the first part of his life that he had to live in captivity, Marinică left forever to watch his friends from the Great Bear Constellation!