Project Description

Baloo is the oldest of the 5 captive bears who used to live in a Mini Zoo, near a Restaurant in Bancu, Harghita county. The first 3 years of her life were the hardest. She was little, alone and scared. But things changed the day other 2 new-born cubs Mitsi and Motsi joined the “club”. Older and wiser now, Baloo had to be strong and supportive for her new cell-mates.

They were small and scared, as she once was. After 3 other years, the history repeated. Two other new-born bear-cubs Gina and Sofia joined the family. But she didn’t have to worry about the fate of the little ones too much, because all  three of them were about to be re-homed soon. In October 2006, Baloo joined Gina and Sofia in the first big enclosure of the Sanctuary, not knowing that one month later they will be all together again with Mitsi and Motsi.