Project Description

Cleo was only 7 months old when she was found by a hunter, in 2008, near a forest road with her back-left-foot caught in a trap. The hunter felt sorry for the injured cub and contacted “Libearty” which immediately accepted to take over and care for the bear.

A complex surgery was made right away to the injured paw at Dr. Harbuz’s clinic in Bucharest and the veterinarians made everything possible to save the foot. After a few months of recovery Cleo was released in a larger enclosure. She is a lucky bear to have all her 4 paws now. She can often be seen running and playing with other bears, although sometimes, when the weather changes, her foot reminds her of the bad experience she had in her childhood and she can be seen limping. But this still doesn’t stop her from enjoying the freedom of the oak forest.