Project Description

On a hot summer morning of 2020, a very small  bear fell from a high cliff, in the area of the Vidraru Dam, in Argeș. Her tiny body ended up in the water, where she hit other rocks, until she was stuck on one of them. There, a rock rolled over her and hurt her badly.

It was only two days later that a tourist had the courage to approach, to see where the crying came from. He immediately called 112. Five hours later, the little one arrived at AMP Libearty in very bad condition.

It didn’t weigh more than 6 kilos, which is almost half the normal weight for the 4 months of life. It was literally eaten by larvae The next 48 hours were critical, but she fought for her life and managed to get back on her feet.

However, the doctor’s news was not good at all. He didn’t see with his right eye, he didn’t hear with his right ear and he lost his balance. With proper medical treatment and milk specially prepared for her, her health has improved day by day.

Today, the little velvet fur girl, is fully recovered. She has the name Kenya and we consider her ′′ the miracle of Libearty “.