Project Description

For 15 years, the bear Roxana has not known freedom, felt grass under her paws nor quietly listened to the song of the birds. It is only known that she spent the first three years of her life on the Romanian Black Sea coast, where she was a mascot, an “object” of entertainment for people who considered that animals have no soul, no suffering, no brain. For three years he has supported the summer heat on the seaside, with her feet on the hot sand, away from the coolness of the forest, the peace of nature and natural food.

In 2007, he arrived at the Zoo in Barlad. But that’s where it went from hot sand, to hot concrete in the summer, and frozen in winter. From the noise of the seaside, to the silence of a small cage, with unmerited bars!

In November 2019, she was rescued from the prison that was her home and ended up enjoying nature, grass, a healthy swim in the pool and adequate food. All of that in AMP Libearty!