Project Description

Rudy was found in the forest by a man who was in a trip with his family. The cub was lost, scared and alone. The hunger and thirst were stronger than the bear’s fear of people so when the man offered him a piece of bread and some water, Rudy fell easily in the man’s arms. The cub received a lot of attention from this family and fortunately they were responsible and contacted the sanctuary for help. 
Rudy was barely one month old in April 2008, when he arrived to “Libearty”. He was fed by bottle with goat milk for months and spent almost a year in the quarantine area of the sanctuary. In the spring of 2009, after he had been sterilized, Rudy was released to a forest enclosure where he socialized right away with other bears. He has become a big and imposing bear so he was moved in the third large enclosure where he enjoys the freedom of the oak forest.