30 Jan 2019

Anca, hard to see (photo)

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Beautiful Anca, who arrived to Libearty 10 months ago, is hard to be seen. After 24 years of being one of the stars in Piatra Neamt Zoo, she now prefers a quiet area, far away from the sight of people, in the peace of the nature.

20 Dec 2018

The Merry Christmas depends on you!

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Santa Claus is preparing his sleigh and he is about to reward everybody with gifts! If you want to be close to the bears in the sanctuary, you have the chance to choose a completely special gift

30 Nov 2018

Light a candle for Max!

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Join The Millions of Friends Association's campaign and donate 5 euro! For FREEDOM, for LOVE, to keep away other from the pain MAX went through! Join us and LIGHT A CANDLE FOR MAX!

22 Nov 2018

What do you do when your couch becomes maternity?!

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You bark as long as your vocal cords and lungs resist and you raise the alarm! That's how a four-legged managed to get his "justice" when he found himself out in the winter after his home arranged by the residents was occupied by a mommy and her three new