//Evanna Lynch met her goddaughter – Ciere, at Libearty

Evanna Lynch met her goddaughter – Ciere, at Libearty

Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series, went in the Libearty sanctuary to visit her goddaughter. She fell in love with the sanctuary in 2015, when she first visited Libearty. Next summer, she returned to Zărnești, where she learned the story of a female bear that traveled by train, from the Prahova Valley, to Ploiești, where she scared the locals.

A very strong connection was created, so Evanna mentions Ciere any time she has the occasion and decided to come to the sanctuary, hoping to meet her goddaughter, this week. To her surprise, as if the bear knew she was sought, Ciere came to the fence of the sanctuary, just where Evanna stopped and where the plaque that mentions the Cinema One’s involvement in her care.


The actress fell in love with Libearty at her first visit in the sanctuary, in 2015, at the 10th anniversary of care and respect for the bears who had the chance to be rescued. Next summer, she came back to Zarnesti, where she heard the story of the female bear that traveled by train to Ploiești, where she scared the locals. Eventually, she had the chance to come to the sanctuary. The film story of the bear won Evanna’s heart, who decided to name her Ciere, as the character from a science fiction novel.

Also, delighted by the story, the Cinema One representatives exclusively adopted Ciere in 2019 and support all the expenses for her care, for one year.

Evanna did not stop after meeting Ciere, but she also helped the World Animal Protection representatives, who are the partners of Libearty, to cover the fence in the sanctuary with a protection layer.

As a thank you for the cinema’s involvement, Evanna Lynch and the World Animal Protection team visited the cinema in Brasov and met the marketing team involved in the adoption of the female bear.

Evanna Lynch, The Millions of Friends Association and Cinema One prepare a surprise that we will be happy with, soon.

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