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Project Description

Marko and Maria are two foreigners that arrived at “Libearty” in 2011. They were kept for the amusement of the clients near a restaurant in Tirana (Albania). A local lady, Montserrat Battlo saw the bad conditions in which they were living and succeeded to convince the owner to give her the bears in custody, taking over the responsibility of feeding them until she’ll find another solution. She sent over 600 e-mails all over the world, searching for a place for Maria and Marko. She contacted all the sanctuaries from the region, in Europe, in America in Canada and also the main organizations of animal protection, but nobody seemed to be able to help. She finally wrote a letter to Cristina Lapis the president of the “Millions of Fiends” Association who accepted to take over these bears. With the support of a British Organization called Hauser Bears, the two cubs arrived safely to the Sanctuary. After they were microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized, the 2 years old cubs joined the other bear cubs in the 3rd enclosure where they are finally free to run and climb the trees, to feel the grass touching their paws and bath in the pools.