21 Jan2019

A message from Cristina Lapis, president of...

21 Jan 2019|Dogs|

To all the people who have compassion for the dogs, regardless of where they come from, in my quality of President of the first organisation for animal protection created in Romania, 22 years ago, I want to warn you about the dangers of helping people “

7 Jan2019

Zooky, an old lady left without tail

7 Jan 2019|Dogs|

Zooky is a very nice old lady, full of personality, hyper-active and playfull, despite her age! Unfortunatelly she had to accept a collar instead of a gift from Santa Claus, because she always tried to chew her tail.

30 Nov2018

Light a candle for Max!

30 Nov 2018|Bears|

Join The Millions of Friends Association's campaign and donate 5 euro! For FREEDOM, for LOVE, to keep away other from the pain MAX went through! Join us and LIGHT A CANDLE FOR MAX!

22 Nov2018

What do you do when your couch...

22 Nov 2018|Bears|

You bark as long as your vocal cords and lungs resist and you raise the alarm! That's how a four-legged managed to get his "justice" when he found himself out in the winter after his home arranged by the residents was occupied by a mommy and her three new