5 Nov2018

Max, a symbol of the Libearty sanctuary,...

5 Nov 2018|Bears|

Max, one of the most beloved bears at Libearty, is passing through a very painful period. The 10 years spent on the cold concrete near the Peleș Castle, without the right to walk or move at his own will, are showing their marks on his actual health.

26 Oct2018

Libearty, a major attraction for pupils

26 Oct 2018|Bears|

Hundreds of children crossed the threshold of the Libearty Sanctuary these days and found out the stories of the bears! The "Different School" educational program reached the sanctuary in Zărneşti and we are glad we were able to offer the girls and boys a

11 Oct2018

Mowgli, a traumatized beauty

11 Oct 2018|Dogs|

Mowgli is a real beauty, is two years old and he has been living for a few months in the Victory dog shelter that belongs to the Millions of Friends Association. Mowgli was abandoned by its former owners and this was a real trauma for the poor animal.

18 Sep2018

Lizzie Daly, from BBC, filmed the rescue...

18 Sep 2018|Bears|

Lizzie Daly, a wildlife presenter for BBC Earth and biologist, recorded the rescue operation of Pamela, from the Zoo in Oradea, where her mature cubs used to attack her all the time. After reaching the sanctuary, she was renamed by the name of the wildlif