//Light a candle for Max!

Light a candle for Max!

Join The Millions of Friends Association's campaign and donate 5 euro! For FREEDOM, for LOVE, to keep away other from the pain MAX went through! Join us and LIGHT A CANDLE FOR MAX

All the funds will be used to fight against cruelty upon animals!   

Although Max has stepped into the world of the sky, the clouds and the stars, MAX is today the strongest SYMBOL of this fight!

We couldn't let Max go away from us. He remains near us, in the Sanctuary, right near Saint Francisc's chapel, the protector of animals. You can come and light a candle for him and listen to his whole story, since he was just a cub with a chain around his neck until the moment when the old sufferings came back to the life of this soul that had finally reached peace and freedom in the forest near Zarnesti! Or, you can DONATE! 

There are thousands of animals on this Earth that fell into the hands of cruelty and violence of men. The incredibly sad story of Max is the true proof!

The story of our Max has woken up so many reactions from you, dear people, that detirmined us regain our confidence in the kindness of people and in the wish to change mentalities, do something real for the animals, stop HUMANS from torturing and hurting them. 



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