4 Oct2016

Celebration in the school for the World...

4 Oct 2016|Bears|

On the World Animal Day we celebrated the beginning of the protection and welfare of the animals course in schools. The first Animal Protection and Welfare class was taught by the Millions of Friends Association’s (AMP) president, Cristina Lapis.

29 Sep2016

Big celebration in the Libearty Sanctuary!

29 Sep 2016|Bears|

World Animal Day will be celebrated in Zarnesti with a special religious service, to be attended by dozens of animals. The Religious service will be held Sunday, the 2nd of October 2016, from 1pm at St. Seraphim of Sarov Chapel, located inside the Zărneșt

22 Sep2016

The owned dogs in the town of...

22 Sep 2016|Dogs|

In the Zărnești county, the law for reducing the stray dogs population is now being enforced! 50 dogs with owners have been microchiped and registered, since the beginning of our campaign, on the 15th of September. Then, AMP team started to neuter them.

16 Sep2016

WTG supports the welfare of the bears...

16 Sep 2016|Bears|

On the basis of a partnership recently signed with the Millions of Friends Association (AMP), the german NGO Welttierschutzgesellschaft (WTG) decided to keep on getting involved in the care of the bears that the AMP rescue team have saved and that live no

12 Sep2016

All the dogs in the Zărnești Public...

12 Sep 2016|Dogs|

More than 60 dogs were microchipped and identified in the city of Zarnesti. After the Zarnesti City Hall and the Millions of Friends Association (AMP) had signed a cooperation agreement for the management of stray dogs across the city, AMP employees start

30 Aug2016

New rules for the tranquility of the...

30 Aug 2016|Bears|

In order to ensure the tranquility for the bears that we saved from critical situations and also the safety of our visitors, the access for the children in the Libearty sanctuary is allowed only for children over five years of age.

11 Aug2016

I am an orphan wolfy!

11 Aug 2016|Other Animals|

Yes, I am still very young, but I know I will become a strong wolf and I will have the chance to live with the other wolves that I can see, every day, wandering along the fence that separates us, for the moment.

28 Jul2016

Axi is missing a piece of flesh...

28 Jul 2016|Dogs|

At the age of 10, Axi was rescued from the public shelter of Zărnești. At the shelter, he was bitten by another dog from the same cage. This fight left him without a piece of flesh on his back and this is why he had unbearable pain.