//Words from the president of AMP

Words from the president of AMP

Dear friends of the animals,

At the beginning of every year, we think about what we can change to take a turn for the better in our lives. There are so many decisions that could make the life more beautiful and more consonant, both for us and for the people around.

I suggest you to think, at the beginning of this year, about the beings that live next to us, the animals that we take care of, our devoted friends. Most of them are happy to offer us unconditional love. Unfortunately, there are still so many troubled animals, cats and dogs that wander on the streets, searching for food, looking for a shelter around the closed gates or under the cars, that have no fault but the one that they were not wanted by their owners.

„The stray dogs“ do not want to be on the streets. They went there aftere they were abandoned by heartless people, a few days after they had been born. The Millions of Friends Association sustains and supports free neutering of the dogs, as this is the only way to reduce the number of the unwanted dogs. But neutering is not only a way to stop breeding, but also a medical way to avoid tumours.

Be close to us, so that more and more owners of cats and dogs can be involved in our free neutering campaign, in order to avoid the abandon of puppies and the suffering of so many innocent furry beings.

Our association needs the moral and financial support of you, our friends, and thanks you for your trust and involvement in our undertakings for the protection of the animals and for the education of the young generation. 

Cristina Lapis

You may contribute to our educational program that we teach in the schools, in order to stop the cruelty against the animals. 
Donate in our account dedicated to education, open at Garanti Bank: 


EURO ACCOUNT: RO62 UGBI 0000 0520 2484 2EUR


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