//The 12th anniversary, donated to the bears!

The 12th anniversary, donated to the bears!

Both Grigore and his parents got close to our furries in the the reserve after visiting the sanctuary on several occasions. Even at their first visit they decided to help animals and adopted Monica and Maritsa.

In early November, the boy from Bucharest turned 12, and at his birthday party he decided to drop his gifts and asked all the guests to donate for the animals. He managed to raise 3.000 Lei, money that he donated to the bears.

Dear Grigore, all of us at the Millions of Friends Association in Brașov thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your so selfless gesture and for your love for animals! We also thank your parents for raising you with such a beautiful soul and for teaching you to value animals and nature! We assure both you and your friends that our furries will enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, honey and fresh warm hay in the beds for sensitive bears that spend winter in the area of the quarantine enclosures, such as Betsy. And if they could speak, the bears that we saved and we take care of with the help of beautiful people like you would send you all their love. 

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