//European Parliament: Cristina Lapis presented the solutions for the stray dogs (video)

European Parliament: Cristina Lapis presented the solutions for the stray dogs (video)

The president of The Millions of Friends Association, Cristina Lapis, presented in the European Parliament the problem of the stray dogs and the solutions to solve it, at the premiere of the movie „A dog’s life – The homeless dogs of Romania“, directed by Maria Slough. The event on the November 20 2018 was organized by the member of the European Parliament, Stefan Eck and co-organised by the Intergroup for the Welfare and Conservation of Animals and Eurogroup for Animals. .

Cristina Lapis offered the solutions for the stray dogs problem, as there is a good law for this which still needs to be applied: neutering, the education of the veterinarians, the educational programs for children and maybe the most important the cooperation between the authorities and the specialists for the protection of the animals. In this context, Cristina Lapis emphasized the beneficial cooperation of the Millions of Friends Association and the mayories in Brasov and Zarnesti, for the management of the public dog shelters.

„Paradoxically, România has the best law in the entire Europe, regarding dogs, if you can believe it. But Romania has always been a country of paradoxes The law obliges the owners of dogs to neuter their animals and to identify them with a microchip. The problem is that the law is not enforced“, said Mrs. Lapis.

„A story of suffering and survival“, as the producers named it, takes its audience in a journey that brought the British actor and animal advocate, Peter Egan, well known to the public for his movie role in the „Downton Abbey“ series and the veterinary surgeon Roger Bralow to meet the stray dogs of Romania.

The 30 minute film is the second in a series of documentaries uncovering the plight of dogs in Eastern Europe.

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