//Earth has taken a break … for his birthday!

Earth has taken a break … for his birthday!

Our dear planet, this mother for us all, needed a pause. She showed us the signs of her inability but we selfishly ignored them completly.

The forests are reaped without mercy leaving wild animals without food and shelter, the oceans and the rivers are overwhelmed with garbage. We do not think that we are poisoning ourselves with polluted air. We are kiling beings just to dress elegantly, we use natural resources meaningless… Out of selfishness and carelessness we don’t consider that we are to blame for everything that is going on now. We don’t consider that everyday our usual actions are killing people, animals, species.

The Earth needed a break. He took it and today is the day to assume our mistakes.

Look at the sunset, at the rising sun, the rain, smell the flowers, listen to the waves. Hear the birds singing, admire the animals, wonder about the sea of colors and sounds.

For more then 25 years Millions of Friends Association saves the animals in critical situations, from the captivity of circuses, out of the selfishness of the people who use them for entertainment purposes, out of their way to the slaughter houses, from the bloody road accidents which mutilated them! Inocent souls abandoned like garbage. We don’t stop, but you? You can do that also or you can help those who do it for years.

Today, Earth Day, our planet is crying and has boody shores. We are to blame for this and we are the only who can do something to save our home!

Stop now! Stand still! Admire the beauty of this earth. If you, human, don’t do something today to protect our planet she will die and you will die with it!


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