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The birds belong to the free sky only!

Call of AMP president, Mrs. Cristina Lapis, to the president of Romania!

′′ The Millions of Friends Association addresses a call to Mr. President Iohannis, with the request not to pass the law of hunting with birds of prey.

Hunting should never become bloody fun. Currently, according to the statement of Mr Thomas Waitz, MEP, 80 % of natural habitats are degrading and more than half of the population of migratory and native birds are in danger.

During this difficult time we are all experiencing, we don’t think that Romania has to do is legalize cruelty and barbaric habits “.

We are making this appeal because the hunting law has been changed again and is now towards promulgation and signing. One of the changes is exactly the use of several kidnapping birds in organized hunters.

Falconry, that is, hunting with birds of prey, is an ancient habit that is still practiced, unfortunately, in several countries in the world, such as the US, some European countries and Arab countries.

Using birds in hunting presumes extracting them from nests since they are young and their training!

The vast majority of the species used in the hunt are protected by law, both nationally and internationally, as is the Danube falcon, which currently count only a few dozen pairs. If the birds of this species are taken from the nest to be used in falconry, this species will disappear completely.

The legalization of falconry in Romania will lead to an alarming increase in the number of birds taken from the nests, even if the law will authorize only the use of birds raised in captivity.

What should we close the birds of the sky in voliers for and train them to hunt? For a barbaric fun?


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