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Happy birthday AMP!

25 years have passed since the establishment of the Millions of Friends Association! Victory canine shelter was the milestone, Libearty Bear Sanctuary, Hope Educational Farm, Education Saves Lives Program followed. All of them were born, raised and tend to develop permanently for the welfare of animals and to change the mentality of people in relation to nature!

The Friends of the Planet park is the latest project through which AMP, on its anniversary, wants to offer a source of inspiration to all those who want to make peace with nature and thus find the balance!  People close to our hearts, dear friends, many animal friends who were involved in the Association’s projects, participated in its inauguration, to whom we thank today!

We thank our partners, , BMT Bund gegen Missbrauch der Tiere e.V., World Animal Protection, Fondation Brigitte Bardot , Tier Umwelt und Naturschutz Stiftung , WTG- WelttierschutzgesellschaftEv , LoveUnderdogs for the trust, support and constantly transmitted emotion.

Thank you to the donors without whom all our projects would not have a chance to move forward.

We thank the institutions that support us in the fight for the better.

We thank you, those who are with us even with just a thought.

We thank animals for love, kindness, because they make the world better!

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