//Good bye, Tanya.

Good bye, Tanya.

Another black day in the bear forest. Beautiful Tanya, the bear who for 34 years didn’t know that people can be good and that concrete and bars were just a prison, has gone to Ursa Major.

When we met her in June 2020, she looked at us scared and although she could barely walk due to her severe arthritis, she came to us like she knew we were there to help her. She looked deep into our eyes and knew we were there to do her good. The cataract prevented her from seeing us clearly, she was seriously ill, feverish, and the hard years of captivity, too many to count, had left deep bruises in her soul.

Hours later, Tanya was introduced to the sanctuary forest and a new life, forbidden for her until then.

In AMP Liberty she learned that sleeping on the grass is more restful than sleeping on concrete, but most of all she learned to be a bear, not a straw. Here no one laughed at her anymore because she can barely walk. Here she was only loved.

Good bye, Tanya. You are now free as you have never been!

You can read Tanya’s story here http://millionsoffriends.org/en/a-lifetime-behind-bars/

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