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A lesson in pandemic!

Dear friends who are now celebrating the resurrection of the Jesus or those who celebrated a week ago, I hope that the holy light will clean your souls of pain and turn your eyes and souls to those who need help.

We live locked up, prisoners willingly to protect us from an invisible enemy. Some of us don’t accept limiting our freedom, not even to save our own life or the other lives. Some people just pay the fine and run out from isolation. It is almost impossible to imagine living a life like this.

I propose to you to reflect on the lives we are offering most of the times to our pets. Social distancing, so unbearable for most of us, feels the same for a cat or a dog who does not have a social partner of the same kind and has a small universe, such we have now, the house or the yard of his owner.

What kind of live has a dog that knows only the chain and the few meters around the cage (when he has a cage). Not to mention about the fish that are spinning in the jar where they live their short life, or the birds closed in cages instead of flying freely and enjoy the spring. They crave too, the same way we are doing!

The bunnies, in great demand this Easter period, but also other rodents wich are sold instead of toys, ends up in tiny cages when the owners get bored to clean after them. The animal list continues with huge exaggerations, such us crocodiles or venimous snakes living in apartments. Although they are not pets and deserve to live in their own enviroment. They are wild animals that can’t be domesticated in order for the human to have fun with them. Each is an important link of the chain in our ecosystem and the humans has unbalanced this.

Wild animals prisoners for life such us bears, wolves, foxes, lions or tigers, but also many other species locked in cages at the zoos or circuses yearn for freedom, too.

We all who care about this animals and feel now how hard it is to enjoy simple things such us walking on the street, the sun, meeting with a friend or even a stranger, let’s respect from now on all beings.

This can be the most important lesson that Covid 19 pandemic gave us!

Cristina Lapis, president of Millions of Friend Association

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