//Pragmatic Play – Exclusive adoptive parents for Anima!

Pragmatic Play – Exclusive adoptive parents for Anima!

The incredible struggle for life and the playful spirit of Anima impressed the  Pragmatic Play creators! They decided to become her adoptive parents for a whole year,  take care of her exclusively and cover all the funds needed for her care.

Anima was found two and a half years ago agonizing on the side of the road after being hit by a car. It took a very difficult surgery and a long recovery, but now… seems to have forgotten all the hardships she’s been through. Although she has a metal rod with screws in her leg, her hobby remains climbing trees!

We thank the young  Pragmatic Play  for caring about the fate and struggling of the bears and becoming adoptive parents of Anima. They are an example, and their noble gesture gives us hope.


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