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Free sterilization campaign

Sânpetru joined the localities, few in number, which want a change for the better for the dogs and cats of the inhabitants of the commune.

For this, AMP has concluded a collaboration protocol with Sânpetru City Hall, through which we undertake to sterilize, vaccinate, microchip and register in the RECS (Register of Dogs with Owners) the dogs with owner for FREE. The stray animals come from the puppies of dogs and the cubs of cats in people’s backyards.

In fact, Law 205 is now implemented, as it stipulates that all dogs without pedigree need to be neutered and registered in this national register. The protocol is followed since March 1 and for the realization of this campaign we are also supported by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and BMT Germany.

Sânpetru City Hall has made posters and flyers that were shared all over the place and there was also a team that went from door to door to inform the population about this protocol, but also about the legal obligation regarding castration and microchipping dogs.

AMP also neuters cats free of charge for owners who want to stop their uncontrolled breeding.

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