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Noe and Tiny Tiger say hello to us from … HOME!

There are years since AMP offers the only free medical emergencies service for animals without an owner! Day by day and night by night, our colleagues at Victory Shelter deal with severe cases and meet dogs, cats and other animals suffering and they offer them all the care and love those animals probably never felt. And when the animals recover and become almost unrecognizable, the joy is huge!

It’s the case of these two fellows – Noe the dog and Tiny Tiger the cat. Noe sends us his good thoughts from his home! After begging for food for days or, even months, from people on the street, suffering of skin disease, he reached Victory Shelter. After almost half of an year of medical treatment he was completely recovered and he found a loving family and another four legged “brother”.

Tiny Tiger got to us about three months ago, more dead than alive after he was caught in a car engine. One of his legs had to be amputated and, because his state was very bad and the doctors didn’t know what other hidden injuries he might have, the prognosis in his case was very cautious. Happily, the little fighter defeated all the problems and he is a happy cat that manages to do everything in … three legs!

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