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Contest- 25 years of AMP.

This year the Million Friends Association celebrates 25 years of existence!

In 1997, October 29, the first animal rescue operations took place. It’s been years full of challenges, achievements, tears of joy and sadness, but which also meant a second chance at a better life for animals!

The aim of the AMP has always been to speak for those who cannot, with the association’s activity often focused on animal rescue,  environmental protection, educating children and supporting them in balancing the fuel that the planet needs through our actions!

To honor all of these activities, AMP has decided to launch a contest for kids.  We selected 12 quotes for the 12 months of the year and each child can choose one to interpret in a drawing!

The top 12 representative drawings will be awarded through their exhibition at the Liberty Bear Sanctuary, receive free Sanctuary access tickets and many more!

The contest period is 15.07-30.09.2022, and the winners will be announced on October 5, 2022. To register for the contest, send an email to office@millionsoffriends. org with the name, date of birth, address and a phone number to which you can be contacted and attached, a photo of your drawing.

The list of quotes can be found below:

  1. “The planet is our home. If we destroy the planet, we destroy our home. “
  2. ROSS Perot
  3. “Only  humans produce garbage that nature cannot digest. ” (Charles Moore)
  4. “The earth is insulted and offers flowers in response. ” (Rabindranath Tagore)
  5. “Educate children and you won’t need to punish people! ”- Pythagoras (philosopher and mathematician)
  6. “Nature doesn’t do anything without reason. ” – Aristotle
  7. “Nature was not made to be changed! ” – Jerome Flap
  8. “We may live in different parts of the world, but we are all part of the same planet. “
  9. “The Earth speaks to us and if we listen to it, we can understand it. “
  10. “The rainbow is the prize of the rain” – Dan Dobre
  11. “Animals and children are the mirror of nature” – Epicur
  12. “Nature is the art of God. ” – Dante
  13. “It’s cheaper to save the planet than to destroy it.” “-Oscar Arias Sanchez


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