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A happy ending story

“I want to help you because you saved my dog!”

This is the title of an email we received that caught our attention. AMP saved more then 25.000 dogs but rarely their new ”parents” write us. His story is more then tangled, just like a movie script.

It is the story of a puppy, now 8 years old, a dog that you can describe as unlucky. Found on the streets of Brasov, treated by the AMP Victory Shelter team, adopted in Germany with the help of our partners BMT. He’s been through a great deal of trauma until he took his life in his „own paws” and chose his family where now lives happy and spoiled.

This is how Daniel started his email:
I took over the dog from a friend who died. I love this dog more than anything and he has been very happy since he moved in with me and my girlfriend almost two years ago. In the vaccination certificate I saw that you have picked up the dog and mediated him to Germany.

One evening Daniel was having dinner with his girlfriend in the restaurant where he used to work. From somewhere Paul showed up staring at them begging for attention. Daniel knew him. In the beginning Paul was adopted by the wife of the restaurant’s owner. She left them and his owner didn’t want Paul anymore, so he ended up in a neighbour’s care.

Unfortunately his happiness was soon shattered. His new master killed himself so Paul returned in the care of the restaurant owner. This time the man payed a woman to walk and feed Paul once a day! He had no interest of his former wife dog….

That evening Daniel told his girlfriend Paul’s sad story. Daniel remembers:
After I told my girlfriend Paul’s story, not only Paul blinked at me with a begging dog’s eye, but also my girlfriend.  It was already clear then that Paul would be our new family member. To get to know Paul a little, we went for walks with him every day for the next three days and quickly got used to each other. On the fourth day the time had come and brought him to his new home.

That was the time when the life had changed for this poor dog. Although scared in the beginning, confused and untrusting, little by little with love and a lot of patience the two gained Paul’s trust  and today they are inseparable!

Paul was a very calm dog who never barked. In fact, for the first few weeks, we didn’t even think he could bark at all. But as time went by, Paul thrawned out and came out of his shell more and more. Meanwhile he even barks at the postman, just like a dog should. Paul is loved by everyone who knows him.” says Daniel.

Paul loves long walks, to cuddle in Daniel’s arms and wakes up his masters by jumping in their bed in the morning! Very typical, right ?

Unlucky or incredible blessed? It is just a life of a dog saved from the streets!



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