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23 years of AMP!

This year, the Millions of Friends Association celebrates 23 years of existence in which hundreds of thousands of animals received a second chance at a better life, medical care and quality food!

In this pandemic context, Mrs. Cristina Lapis, president and founder of the association, decided to donate, to support the animals, a large part of the souvenirs she collected during her life in the countries she visited. I will post every day an object for which you will be able to donate (I will specify a minimum symbolic amount) and which you will receive by mail or courier. I will ask you to write a comment under the picture of each object you want, and after you donate, it will be sent to you. Each souvenir has a special story that I will share at each presentation! Help us to help them!

The Animal Protection Association “Millions of Friends” (AMP) was founded with great effort by Cristina Lapis and her husband, Roger Lapis in 1997. When the society saw a ray of light towards democracy, Cristina Lapis saw a ray of hope for tormented animals that no one protected. She started by rescuing the dogs in the streets, continued by rescuing the bears kept in captivity and all the creatures that needed help.

Ms. Lapis has received multiple awards from countless international associations working in this field and is one of the most famous people in the world who has managed to fight unconditionally for the rescue of animals.
AMP currently owns the Canine Victory Shelter where daily 500 dogs receive quality care, protection and food and, implicitly, a chance at a second life. Throughout the year, Victory Shelter has a free dog and cat sterilization campaign, no matter if the animals have or do not have owners.

AMP is the first NGO in Romania having two partnerships with the Public Shelter in Stupini and the Public Shelter in Zărnesti where dogs are no longer euthanized by the law, but a second chance to life is offered to all these poor animals!

The Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zărnești currently shelters 106 bears rescued from miserable conditions, tiny cages, circuses, farms, monasteries, gas stations or zoos. In addition to bears, there is a deer pen and wolf pens in the Sanctuary, which were unfortunately raised as pets and could not be released.

AMP supports education and since 2013 has started a unique pilot project in Romania together with Brasov City Hall and the County School Inspectorate. Following this project, hundreds of students attended and are attending animal welfare classes that take place according to a special textbook designed by Ms. Lapis and printed by her team.
Continuing this project, in 2019, Hope Educational Farm became a new program to rescue domestic animals that were persecuted by former owners: horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits and turkeys.

Please do not remain indifferent! Please donate, support us so we can continue to help them!
Thank you in advance for each donation!


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