/A new life!

A new life!

For 15 years, Roxana the bear did not know freedom, did not feel the grass under her feet and did not listen, quietly, to the song of the birds. For 15 years she was deprived of the true life of a bear, which she fully deserved. It is not known what happened to her mother, or if she had any brothers or sisters, or even known whether she was born in captivity or was captured in the wild, while she was just a cub.

However, it is known that she spent the first three years of her life on the Romanian sea coast, where she was a mascot, an “object” of entertainment for people who consider that animals have no soul, feelings, brain. “Do not spend money on junk, take a picture with the kids” was one of the slogans you heard constantly shouted on the Romanian sea coast. And the pictures were flowing! Next to monkeys, lions or bears, the families took pictures and then proud of them to all their acquaintances.

Such a bear was Roxana. For three years she endured the summer heat on the coast, with her feet on the hot sand, away from the coolness of the forest, the tranquility of nature and the natural food. In 2007, after Romania entered the European Union, Roxana arrived at Bârlad Zoo. But there it went from hot sand, to hot concrete in summer or frozen in winter. From the roar of the coast, to the silence of a small cage, with undeserved bars!

Near her prison there was a 940 square meters space, with grass and shade from some trees. From behind her bars, she looked longingly at the other two bears, who were sleeping quietly in the shade, on the grass. But she wasn’t allowed! Because, like humans, bears also have sympathies and dislikes. And they are braver or shy. And they feel the fear of others and end up dominating, rather than help. And one of the other bears beat her when she wanted to step on the unknown piece of land. Out of fear, she took refuge in her little world, represented by concrete and iron bars.

Finally, after 15 years of life, she has come to enjoy nature, grass, a healthy bath in the pool and adequate food. From now, at Libearty, she will have all the help of our specialists. She was prepared a space of her own, in which she would learn to walk with insecure feet on the fresh grass, in which she would learn to enter a den and sleep on the life-giving ground. Now begins the life of bear Roxana!

We thank our partners at WTG (https://welttierschutz.org/en/projects/bear-sanctuary-in-romania/) for the financial assistance provided to rescue Roxana from prison! As always, they are with us when we need to save a soul!

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