//Alongside Max in Ursa Major.

Alongside Max in Ursa Major.

Another black day in the bear forest, a day with a cold thrill and a bitter breeze of autumn leaves. Today we say goodbye to our dear Monica, the little fluffy, with a special character. The bear that would always remind you that people hurt her and she was always upset…
A day when we remember how small we are in front of fate!
After 15 years of living in a zoo she had the chance to a life in dignity in AMP Libearty sanctuary. She was initially afraid of the grass she had  never stepped on, or seen before , and the presence of the other bears did not seem to like it. She was the little bear that was watching visitors and leading them on puffing, not exactly friendly.
To get rid of this habit, she spent the last few years in an enclosure of almost 7 hectares, far from any human interaction, far from any stress that human presence could cause her.
Little Monica was the best friend of Max, the blind bear used for pictures in Sinaia ,near the Peleș Castle. On November 12, 2018, Max climbed the Ursa Major and Monica suffered terribly. Now they are back together and we can only hope that they are both enjoying nature.
Smooth ride dear Monica.
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