//Another miracle on Easter Holy Day!

Another miracle on Easter Holy Day!

 Two of the three orphaned bear cubs from Vatra Dornei, ended up in the care of the AMP Liberty sanctuary team! Their mum was killed.

Two one-year-old females, scared and chasing, were tranquilized and arrived at the AMP Liberty Sanctuary where they are now safe, away from bullets, but with the trauma of seeing their mother killed in front of their eyes.

The little ones are now called Hope & Victoria and they love the Liberty Sanctuary. They are very curious, playful and have friends that comfort them longing for their still missing brother, but especially their mother who was shot mercilessly the week before Easter!

The story-

A female bear and her three one-year-old cubs were relocated from the Predeal area 3 weeks ago. They entered two households in the village of Vatra Dornei on April 17 and 18, from where they left without being chased away, and on April 19, the mother was shot a few meters from the forest that was now her home. Witnesses say the response team had a single bullet which only seriously injured her and the bear was left to agonize for minutes on a private property, with her cubs next to her, until more bullets were brought in to kill her, after which they took her photos with “the trophy”. The three cubs were chased into the woods where their chances of survival were minimal. Sadly, only two of the cubs have shown up.

AMP Libearty, House of Patrocle – Animal Rescue and Ursulețul Cârcotaș, together with the locals of Vatra Dornei, collaborated to save these souls and we thank them for sacrificing their holidays to see them safe.

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