//Welcome home dear Masha. You are safe!

Welcome home dear Masha. You are safe!

Masha was just a few weeks old when she began training to become a circus star in Ukraine. For 19 years she had to ride a scooter, jump through hoops, crawl or jump over obstacles… for the entertainment of the public. Her house was a tiny iron cage crammed into a van full of garbage!

Your suffering is over now!!! You lived a circus clown life and were traumatized without any guilt. They rode you through cities in a small cage behind a van to make money out off you. Lionel De Lange, president of BF Nathan, got you out of that hell and you have stepped on the grass for the first time.

When we said you were going to live a bear worthy life in the AMP Liberty woods, the war began in Ukraine. Saving you seemed impossible, but no one laid down their weapons. An entire “army” of people fought for you to have a life worth living and today we can breathe relieved. We did it .

We know you’re scared and this is all new to you, but you’ll be fine! All you have to do now is rest as your road to freedom was too long.

You will never be forced to do something against your will. You will never be bound, nor constrained by pain or fear.People will look at you with love and admiration from now on, but they will no longer applaud you, shout at you or blind your eyes with powerful lights.

We promise that we’ll take good care of you without bothering you in any way!

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