/“Animal Protection and Welfare” in Bucharest’s schools.

“Animal Protection and Welfare” in Bucharest’s schools.

The educational project of AMP, “Animal Protection and Welfare”, will arrive this autumn in the schools in in Bucharest.  After years of pause caused by the pandemic, our colleagues are also returning to schools in Brasov.

Bucharest school teachers have already participated in a first discussion/training on this topic in the AMP Liberty Sanctuary, to understand better the challenges they have to overcome with the implementation of the program.

The President of the Senate Education Committee – Monica Anisie, the representative of the National Veterinary Health Authority – Adina Ciurea, as well as teachers from Brasov, Zărnești and Bucharest were present at the meeting.

During the conference, the teachers had the opportunity to discover the textbooks made by the AMP and talk with our colleagues about the subject that will be taught to the little ones.

More details about the AMP program “Education Saves Lives” can be found by clicking this link- https://millionsoffriends.org/en/education/


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