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Firecrackers, animals biggest fear!

Winter holidays are a real joy for us, but a terror for pets! It is the season in which hundreds of animals are lost, run away from their yards, tear themselves from leashes or from the arms of their masters and remain traumatized by the noise caused by firecrackers. In the last days the number of dogs injured or killed in the street has increased alarmingly. The furry animals jump in front of the cars, scared by the loud noises produced by firecrackers or fireworks.

Around the holidays, social networks are full of ads about animals that are lost or behave strangely. Fear can be seen in their eyes, and they tend to quickly depart from the source of noise, tremble, seek the attention of the master, some chew the objects near them, scratch the doors. The most exposed are the dogs left free in the yard because many of them break or jump the fences and run chaotically on the streets.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, the Millions of Friends Association advises all dog owners to protect them from these noises as much as possible. Some solutions would be to keep them in the most distant room, so that the street noises do not reach them, to keep the windows closed, to have their favorite toys next to them, to stay as close to them as possible and to calm them during critical times, especially on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Animals taken out for a ride must have safety harnesses, from which they cannot escape if they are scared and torn and especially not to leave them alone, tied to pillars, in front of the shops.

Peaceful holidays!

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