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Another bet for life!

A bear cub, about 4 months old, arrived last night in the AMP Libearty sanctuary. The little female was found on a mountain route in the Vidraru dam area. At this hour, she is medically examined by of AMP Dr. Ciprian Cocianu there is fear that she has a dislocated shoulder and internal injuries.

Her condition is delicate and the next few hours are critical. All our thoughts are now directed at her and we hope from our hearts she will survive.

Update: Medical examination of the bear cub that arrived last night at AMP Libearty has just been completed. She has no fractures, but she has a hematoma on her right shoulder and is infected with fly larvae, dehydrated and very weak. We still can’t figure out if she has internal injuries.

She received vitamins and hydration infusions, receives anti-inflammatory treatment, has been dewormed and the larvae were removed. Her condition is critical and is constantly monitored.

The cub weighs no more than 6 lbs and needs all our long term support. Help us save her life.

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