//Kira, the almost blind female dog that tricked death

Kira, the almost blind female dog that tricked death

Kira is a wonderful female dog who is now part of the great furry family we are taking care of and loving at the Victory Dog Shelter. This little girl is really playful and she has lots of affection and love for all of those who offer her a little attention, time and she is almost four months old.

Not only she is a very beautiful dog, but she also has a perfect behavior. Unfortunatelly, she can hardly see anything. So, she was really one step away from losing her life. And this did not happen, as you may imagine, because of her disease, but because of her … so called ex-owners. Unhappy with the situation of getting a blind puppy from their dogs, they decided to call the doctor and put her to sleep, forever.

Happily, the veterinarian could not make such a decision, guided by selfishness, frustration and malice, and little Kira is now giving us lots of love with her presence.

You can be close to Kira and support our efforts to treat her disability – she does not see at all with one eye, but we have noticed some small reactions on the other one.  


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